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Middle East: Shifting Sands - the New Generation

Seminarium i samarbete med Utrikespolitiska Institutet om utvecklingen i Mellanöstern med deltagare från Egypten, Tunisien och Frankrike.

In just a few intense and dramatic weeks, the new generation in the Middle East showed its discontent with the regimes in place. It was largely social media such as Facebook and Twitter in combination with hi profile media such as al Jazeera that made the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia possible. These social media tools are now spreading revolution across other parts of the Middle East. Old leaders have begun to feel the ground shake under their thrones as protesters defy curfews with a message that is heard more and more frequently: "We are not afraid anymore". The new generation is globalized, and many in its ranks are passionately striving for greater democracy in the Middle East.


At the same time, a parallel and powerful force has emerged that runs counter to the new generation’s yearnings. This counter-force has different values. Islamist groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, have become again raised their political profile in Egypt. Will it be possible to transform street activism into representative institutional politics? What kind of democracy can we expect in the Middle East? What role will Islamists play in the new Middle East? These and more issues will be discussed in the first seminar.


Mustafa Al Nagar, Egypt, Campaign manager for Mohamed el Baradei

Salim Amamou, Tunisia, Deputy Minister for Youth and Sports

Shadi Hamid, Qatar, Director of Research, Brookings Doha Center

Stéphane Lacroix, France, Professor, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Sciences Po


Moderator: Nathalie Besèr, journalist

Ett seminarium i samarbete mellan Utrikespolitiska institutet, Ax:son Johnson stiftelse och Axess. Längd: 120 minuter